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Since a lot of years the Giovazzini-Laino family produces exclusively high quality extra virgin olive oil. The company was born and remains a farmhouse that transforms the olives it cultivates since decades. Giuseppe Giovazzini (first generation) during the Sixties began planting the first 150 olive trees. The main activity was the olives cultivation, extra virgin olive oil production and marketing.

In the Eighties the son Pietro (second generation) cultivated more than 600 olive trees, while the son Giuseppe with his wife Rosa (third generation) in 1997 planted again till the actual 2100 olive trees. In 1999 they decided to build up an oil press in order to completely manage inside the factory all the oil making process. Pietro, Emilia ed Ilaria (fourth generation), after the conclusion of their university career, have applied themselves into the family company by introducing also the olive oil bottling system. Inside the property of the Giovazzini-Laino farm, there are also citrus orchards with the best varieties of tangerines, lemons, clementines that are used to create the condiments line of production, so appreciated by prestigious chefs and representatives of the finest gastronomy business.
Eleusi… products as result of devotion to earth fruits and love for extra virgin olive oil handed down from father to son for generations.


The precious result of an accurate traditional process

The first olive tree from which started the extra virgin olive oil production of the first generation (planted by Mr. Giuseppe Giovazzini in the Sixties) represents the beginning of the farm oil production till today with Eleusi. In order to remember the ancient farm origins from that olive tree, that is still present, alive and productive, every year, since the opening of the olive mill in 1999, they use to make a small celebration party. Taking part to this celebration means rediscovery the most traditional rural roots of this territory, placed exactly in the heart of the Sibari plain, between the wild pre-pollinic mountains and the wonderful Ionian beaches.


Productive passage

Every productive passage from the cultivation, to the transformation, till the packaging and the marketing is managed by the whole family. Today the olive press is constituted by a modern extraction system with continuous cycle, made by mills and it works with se-mi traditional extraction methods. In particular the cultivation is carried out through the most modern techniques of micro-irrigation, fertilizing irrigation, up of the pruning residuals (used as amends), monitoring of the pathogens, especially of the olives fly, in order to obtain a high quality product and, in the meantime, in order to respect the environment.



Traceability Certificate: UNI ENI ISO 22005:08


“Organic Farming” Certification art. 834/07:

this ensures a completely natural product that is safe and with a very high level of authenticity, both in terms of production and staying faithful to the flavours of the past.


“Dop Bruzio”

“The Sibaritide sub-area DOP Bruzio oil is obtained from olive groves that are situated in a predefined area (for example Cerchiara di Cal., Framcavilla M., Cassano allo I, etc.) and is made from olives that are only cultivar of the territory, or rather at least 70% Grossa di Cassano, at least 10% Tondina and not more than 20% of other varieties.


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